A few weeks ago I got the chance to take a road trip with my younger brother.  We met up in Burlington, Vermont where he spent the summer doing a discipleship program and then headed southeast towards Portland, Maine.  Along the way we hiked, swam in Lake Champlain, had a devotional around the campfire in Acadia, and listened to a lot of Alexi Murdoch.  Driving silently we let the tracks play over and over again, getting lost in the combination of Alexi’s voice and the northeastern summer landscape.  God is good.  
Favorite tracks:
Song for You 
Crinan Wood
Some Day Soon
The Light (Her Hands Were Leaves)
All My Days
maine brother vibes. july 2014. 
vermont brother vibes. july 2014. 
vermont brother vibes. july 2014. 

Monday Sounds:
1. Dream Panther - Chutes and Ladders
2. Blood Cultures - Indian Summer
3. Home - We Will Be Listening 
with that moon language

admit something:

everyone you see, you say to them, 

      “love me.”

of course you do not do this out loud;


someone would call the cops.

still though, think about this, 

this great pull in us to connect.

why not become the one

who lives with a full moon in each eye

that is always saying

with that sweet moon


what every other eye in this world

      is dying to



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